Where have I been?

Where have I been? It’s been over 3 months since a post and I know everyone’s been waiting with baited breath for the next (just kidding of course).  Anyway, a lot has happened!  Not many life changing events, but fun stuff along the way, which I’ll eventually post about.  For starters, the main delay was due to the fact that back in mid-November, I had arthroscopic knee surgery to realign my knee cap and scrape out excess damaged cartilage that was also causing me pain.  You’d think that being cooped up in the house for a few weeks would be cause for writing ALL OF THE BLOGSSSS, but actually it was quite the contrary.  I have basically spent my entire adult life (the past 10 years) steadily working out 3-6x per week with very little periods of a long break.  Even on vacations I always try to work in some type of exercise.  So when I was basically confined to a couch for a week and then crutches for another two, I got quite lethargic very quickly.  Because I was moving so little, I was constantly tied.  And on top of that, I couldn’t do much.  So what was I to write about?  More on knee surgery and how to survive later.

But what else has happened? Thanksgiving, binge listening to Serial, discovering my new favorite app (Keep), traveling back to the east coast for Christmas, my boyfriend buying me a REALLY nice camera for Christmas, birthdays, buying a 5 gallon fish tank for our kitchen counter top, finally finishing my natural beauty/cleaning product replacement project, becoming obsessed with Parks & Recreation and deciding to get back on this blog and eventually adding a little bit more fashion twist.  Yup! So you’ll be seeing a little more of me (literally because I’ll be posting some fashion type pictures courtesy of that new fancy camera) from now on. See you soon!

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