Dusting Hack

So since I’ve graduated from college, I’ve kind of enjoyed cleaning.  Yeah, I’m aware, it’s weird to enjoy cleaning.  Also “kind of” is the key phrase here.  Theres a lot of things I’d rather do, but, to me, it’s not the worst thing ever.

When I moved into my apartment in Boston after college, I moved in with three people I didn’t know (although, after 4 months, I was fortunate enough to have one of my best friends move in), so I wanted to be respectful and I often found myself cleaning after going for a run or working out (yes, this continued when my friend moved in).  I was already sweaty and gross, and it was a great cool down “workout” from running.  If anyone says to you that cleaning is easy, they’re lying.  Washing the floors and scrubbing the counters takes some manpower!  Anyway, since I’ve gotten my own place, I’ve actually somehow found myself enjoying cleaning a lot more.  I think it’s mostly because cleaning up after myself is not as gross as cleaning up after myself + 3 other people, so that’s an added plus.  Also, I’m only cleaning a few rooms in a small apartment, not an entire house.  So at this point, the whole process is not that bad.  It also gives me some weird satisfaction to see things transform into clean.  And, like I said, I’m very organized, so I like seeing things put away and having a neat house!

Anyway, I was dusting some furniture recently and I was using some Lysol wipes, which work really well in catching dust and cleaning off the surface of things.  However, they don’t always get ALL the dust and there’s usually some wet residue left behind.  So I remembered that I had some old socks that I lost the pairs to under the sink that I was keeping for a situation like this.  I used the sock over my hand as a second swipe, getting all the dust.  Super simple, but they are like dusting gloves and work really well!

Step 1:

cleaning 1

Step 2:

cleaning 2


Boom.  Everything was shiny and clean.

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