Got your attention?  Taking a break from my regularly scheduled programming of food, plants, and DIY to bring you my new [second] favorite animal BABY SLOTHS.   (Bunnies will always be my numero uno.)

tumblr_n5ttenkz371tumrzwo1_500 tumblr_n46bweShiG1s8fjzjo3_500

 ^ Basically how I feel on Fridays or anytime I eat something delicious. ^


Soooo I’m a little obsessed and you NEED NEED NEED to watch this baby sloth video.  Seriously.  Having a down day?  Immediate cheer up.  In a happy mood?  Bring it to ecstasy.  Just want to see something cute?  HERE YA GO.  It will melt your heart and I am convinced world peace will occur if it is viewed across the globe.  So spread the word!  BABY SLOTHS SQUEAKING.

And if that’s not enough…here’s some baby sloths getting a bath and then eating hibiscus flowers because it’s like chocolate for sloths. #omgicanteven.  BABY SLOTHS GETTING A BATH.

If it’s STILL not enough (let’s be real…it’s not) I’d recommend checking out and the 30 cutest pictures of baby sloths on the internet.

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